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The Siraj Fund Management Company (“SFMC”) is a specialized Palestinian company, founded by Massar International for the sole purpose of managing investment funds in Palestine. The first fund, the Siraj Palestine Fund I, a $90 Million fund, was launched on February 3, 2011, is a private equity fund comprised of direct equity investments in viable start-up, distressed, SME and relatively large enterprises in Palestine across various economic sectors. Siraj’s investments are intended to unleash the potential of these Palestinian businesses, while promoting technological advancements and development in the country, spurring economic growth, job creation and innovation in Palestine.
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Siraj is the Arabic Word for “Oil Lamp” - used in the old days to produce light and so “enhance vision and increase efficiency” in closed working environments. In the same way, Siraj aspires to shed light upon its portfolio companies; offering them the financing and support that will generate new business opportunities.
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