Siraj Palestine Fund II

Siraj Palestine Fund II (SPF II) is a successor to Siraj Palestine Fund I. Fundraising for SPF II is underway with initial closing expected in 2019. Final closing will take place 12 months after.

With an expected value of $90 million USD, SPF II aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of promising Palestinian companies.  The objective will be achieved through identification and acquisition of influential stakes in SMEs and public companies in the early, expansion and growth business stages. SPF II will target companies from the most flourishing economic sectors which include the financial, healthcare, agriculture, industrial, infrastructure and energy sectors.

SPF II, which is structured as a Cayman Island Exempted Limited Partnership, has a fund term of 10 years with an investment period of five years. Expected IRR to LP’s in SPF II is 15%. Massar International has committed to join the fund as General Partner.