About Us

Siraj Fund Management Company (SFMC) is the first dedicated Palestinian private equity fund manager, founded by Massar International in 2003 for the sole purpose of managing investment funds in Palestine. Founded by a team of experienced Palestinian professionals and backed by a strong general partner, Massar International. SFMC has an impressive track record in creating value by spurring growth and advancement in its investments.

SFMC’s first private equity fund, Siraj Palestine Fund I, was launched in 2011, with a value of $90 million USD, and SFMC is currently raising its second fund,  Siraj Palestine Fund II, with an initial closing expected in Q2 2018, also valued at $90-$100 million USD. 

SFMC’s investment thesis is centered around providing growth capital to promising companies operating in Palestine, targeting sectors with high potential to advance locally and succeed internationally. This strategy is to provide desired returns for its investors, but also makes an important contribution to sustainable economic development in Palestine.

SFMC is proud of the strong social and development results of its investments, starting with increased female inclusion, employment for unemployed and low income individuals, and increased availability of affordable goods and services for disadvantaged Palestinians.